Matt Jarvis - First England Cap!

Due to the appearance of West Ham United's Matt Jarvis in Fabio Capello's England team in March, Surrey Football had recently been celebrating their first graduate to make a national squad. They are revelling in the fact they now have their first international superstar. Jarvis contribution in Englands game at Wembley against Ghana makes him the first player to recieve an international cap.

Surrey Football had previously been celebrating their first top flight player and first Premier League goals, but now Jarvis has gone a few steps further with his first appearance for the
three lions.

But it was at Surrey Footballs Academies where it all began.
The Hammer's star who attended George Abbot School, Guildford attended his first SFCC course as a fresh faced 8 year old. He was a terrific lad and very talented" said David Melham who previously coached at the Wimbledon FC. "Matt was one of those that you knew was technically gifted from the start. He was with us from the age of 8 until he was 12, he also came down a few times to pass on tips to the kids"

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