Our first visit and very pleased with the organisation, approach and discipline. My son has improved his skills, been kept active and thoroughly enjoyed it. SFCC Courses are clearly very organised and the coaches have great rapport with the kids, My son was very keen to come back each day and is usually shy but has done wonders for his confidence. Thanks.
Mrs Goddard, Horsley Course - Easter 2012

My son really enjoyed the course. He was very keen to come back after the first day and was very much looking forward to the tournement at the end of the week. Thank you.
Mrs Flower. Cleves Course - Easter 2012

My son has come home every night full of excitement about the day he has had and looking forward to the next day. Thanks
Mrs Sanders, Cleves Course - Easter 2012

Great course and VALUE FOR MONEY!. My child always wants to come to you in the holidays, very helpful and friendly staff.
Mrs Grizzanti, Cleves Course - Easter 2012

I am very happy to leave my son in SFCC care. He is well looked after, discipline and respect are learnt
and the coaching is of a very high standard.
Mrs Murray, Cleves Course - Easter 2012

A very Professional coaches who are good with the children. Good teaching/good social skills. A very well run, trusted and professional set up. Can feel happy that the younger ones are being looked after and safe and happy.
Mrs Fawcett, Horsley Course - Easter 2012

My son felt that sfcc is the best club and he feels confident with the new skills he has gained this week.
Mrs Perriman, Horsley Course - Easter 2012

I always feel 100% comfortable leaving my son with your team for the week and i know
that he always thoroughly enjoys each and every. Thanks
Mrs Hamilton, Horsley Course Easter 2012

Of all the football courses available the Soccer Star Course is the only one my son will attend because he
loves the challenge of trying to better his score from the previous course. The star system gives
them a real sense of acheivement and encourages them to try and improve.
Mrs Claire Woolhouse, Cleves Course - Easter 2011

The courses seem to be more organised each year. Constant commitment for improving across the board -
administration, organisation, commitment, coaching. Great for the boys all around. Thank you
Mrs Sarah Wilson, Cleves Course - Summer 2011

My daughter has really enjoyed the football course. She has learnt a lot of new
skills while hanging out with mates and using up all that energy!
Mrs Eleanor Calder, Cleves Course - Easter 2011

Exellent course, Well run, thoroughly enjoyed by all the kids.
Mr Alistair Hargreaves, Cleves Course - Easter 2011

Very impressed! My daughter has had a fantastic time and when i asked her to help me fill in the
questionnaire she said she would give you a 10/10! Thank you.
Mrs Susie Jones, Cleves Course - Easter 2011
Every day my son leaves the the course with a kind comment from one of the coaches.
Its so motivational and means so much to the child an the parents! Another fantastic course.
Thank you so much. SFCC go that extra mile and thats hat makes the difference.
Mrs Lois Parick, Cleves Course - Easter 2011

I just wanted to thank you and all your excellent staff at SFCC. 
My Sons have thoroughly enjoyed their summer holidays playing football.  Every morning they have looked
forward to playing footie and meeting up with existing and new friends.
Your staff have been brilliant.  They are always cheerful and full of encouragement. 
I have been impressed with the skills that are taught on Saturday mornings too.
Mrs Alison Crowley, Cleves Course - Summer 2010

Loved every second wanted to return next week, shame we are away!! i had two boys that had very little
confidence playing football by the end of the week their confidence has grown, thanks very much.
Mrs M Kimber, Cleves Course - Summer 2010
Although my son was shattered for the whole week he could not wait to get
home and practice his skills for the next days session.
Mrs Sarah Hall, Cleves Course - Summer 2010
My son and his friend really enjoyed this course, they said the coaches were really nice. they did lots of different skills.
Also i was pleased that they were so strict about signing the kids out at the end of the day.
 My son cant wait till October half term
Mrs Myra Matton, Cleves Course - Summer 2010

My son always has great fun on the courses.
 Mrs Michelle Williams, Cleves Course - Summer 2010

My child always has a great time, Comes home exhausted but happy - Thank You!
Mrs Suzanne Drummond, Cranmore Course - Easter 2010

Very happy; enjoyed sessions, very keen to attend.
Mr Ken Brett, Cranmore Course - Easter 2010
Fantastic week, Coaches could not be nicer! will definately reccomend it to others!
Mr B Hernandez, Cranmore Course - Easter 2010 
Been coming last six years and probably next six! Great holiday couse - as a parent I can relax in the knowledge
that my boys are being well cared for and exercised safely on what is for them 4 days of fun and games.
Mrs Victoria Clark, Cranmore Course - Easter 2010
Brilliant - Best half term he's had!
Mrs Sally Asling, Cranmore Course - Easter 2010
The boys always seem to have a great time at surrey football. Coaches are enthusiastic and
fun and the soccer skills star rating really seems to motivate the boys.
Mrs Katrina Boosey, Cranmore Course - Eatser 2010
Coaches attitue is spendid with young people, Please keep the centres going because
they are truly beneficial to the boys and girls.

I have really enjoyed football camp. My son absolutely loves it.
Mr Richard Murray, Cleves Course - Easter 2010 
My son has been attending Surrey Football since he was five, he is now eleven and
still really enjoys them. Well done to all involved.
Mrs Claire Woolhouse, Cleves Course - Easter 2010

My son really enjoyed being at this football club as it was his first time with you. He also
said the coaches were very helpful and caring. Thank you.
Mrs Mary Leyshon, Cleves School - Easter 2010

Good way of explaining how to play positions, Cover everything from warm ups too team games.
My son has thoroughly enjoyed his 4 day course, He has been eager to go each day and his request
to go with his friend was actioned which really means a lot to him. Thank you.
Mrs Edwina Darby, Cleves Course - Easter 2010

My son has come home really happy each day, You came recommended to us and i would also recommend you.
Mrs Mandy Burnley, Cleves Course - Easter 2010

My son enjoyes SFCC courses and always looks forward to the holidays.
Mrs Alison Crowley, Cleves Course - Easter 2010

 My son really enjoyed the holiday course and the weekly course after school. His footballing skills have improved immensely.
Mrs Alison Crowley, Cleves Course - Easter 2010 

Total dedication and enthusiasm from both coaches and players.
Thank You!


Brockham School has used Surrey Football for the last five years to cover teachers preperation,
planning and assessment. they have proved to be reliable and flexible in the service they offer. they have adapted their programme to ensure that the children from the schools are taught skills from a variety of sports. Their staff show great enthusiasm and enjoy working with the children. Surrey Coaching has run some out of school time football clubs after school and during holidays that have proved popular and enjoyable among the children.

Erik Starkie, Headteacher

Surrey Football has been associated with Micklefield school for approximately 10 years. They have played a vital part in raising the quality and the profile of football at the school they have worked closely with the school staff in ensuring the continuity of the latest coaching skills and drills. The coaches have been enthusiastic, professional and have set high standards, their sessions have been stimulating for the pupils

The pupils who have attended these courses have found them to be exiting and engaging. Surrey Football offer clubs during the school day as well as during the holidays and these have been extremely well attended by boys and girls alike.

Gary Baguly, Deputy Head

Surrey Football Coaching Centres have operated in this school since 1998

I have been delighted with the way in which it has been run. As an organisation the company has been efficient in the way it informs parents about forthcoming holiday or term time session. Any school in-service days are willingly mad up for another time, the coaches are always punctual and reliable. During bad weather, the children are supervised indoors and the coach always consults with staff about the type of activity the children engage in.

The football coaches themselves over the years have been marvellous; they are keen and enthusiastic,
which motivates the children. As well as football skills, they teach the children team-work and discipline. they have good control of the children and help supervise before and after the sessions. The children benefit a great deal from football coaching and they all look forward to football each week.

Kate Waters, Headteacher - Littleton Infant School


We just wanted to write and let you know that during a recent Soccer Skills session we were visited by two members of Surrey County Council's Early Years and Childcare team

They spent some time observing the children during the activity and their feedback
was extremely positive and full of praise for the two coaches

Call: 01932 454 866 or info@surreyfootballcoaching.co.uk
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